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  • Difference between ACCA and AAT

    Just wondered if any one could help me out. I am a bit confused about exemptions on some levels of ACCA once you have full membership to the AAT. Also what is the difference in going straight into ACCA instead of completing the AAT first.

    Many Thanks


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    Reifference between ACCA and AAT


    You are exempt from papers 1.1 and 1.2 (the first level) of ACCA once you have completed the full AAT qualification.

    I'd say if you have no accounting experience, going straight onto ACCA would be pretty hard! AAT gives you a good grounding and teaches you the basics of accounting.

    Also, AAT is equivalent to N.V.Q. whereas ACCA is degree level - I may wrong on that though!! :-)


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      Reifference between ACCA and AAT

      If you have done new standards (the unit 10 title would have been managing accounting systems and people) you are exempted from the whole first stage of ACCA which is 3 papers.



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        Reifference between ACCA and AAT

        Annette is right - you get exemption from the whole of Part 1.



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          Reifference between ACCA and AAT

          Sorry yes I meant the first level too - I just didn't realise there were 3 papers!


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            Reifference between ACCA and AAT

            Thought I would post in an existing thread rather than create a new one:

            AAT allows student members to carry out accountancy work as long as it is within their competencce.
            ACCA do not allow their student members to do anything more than basic bookkeeping.

            If someone qualifies AAT, and then goes on to do ACCA, does the nowt-but-bookkeping rule still apply?

            If it does, this would prohibit sole trader accountants from going on to do ACCA which doesn't make sense, but noone has been able to tell me otherwise.



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              Reifference between ACCA and AAT

              I'm an ACCA member but am not self-employed. As far as I understand it I think you are able to carry out the basics, e.g. bookkeeping, VAT, payroll, accounts to TB and the like - but under no circumstances are you to refer to your association with ACCA. I think the preparation of final accounts would count as "holding yourself out to be in practice" which contravenes ACCA bye-laws.

              The best thing is to contact ACCA and speak to them about it. The ACCA have a reputation of being extremely strict and hold the Association in such high regard that anybody potentially bringing it into disrepute is heavily fined and expelled as well as having the privilege of your name plastered all over the accounting journals.

              Better to be safe than sorry certainly applies in this case.

              I have seen countless numbers of Disciplinary notices in the various publications issued by ACCA referring to students/members guilty of "holding out to be in public practice" without proper authorisation or regulation by ACCA. I also read in NQ magazine that the ACCA has also been classed as the strictest accountancy body and the one that imposes the heaviest fines!

              Not to put you off - but I would implore you to make sure before you commit yourself to anything which might jeopardise your future.



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                Reifference between ACCA and AAT

                Thanks for the prompt reply.

                In which case, ACCA lose out on anyone who is a self employed accountant and is unwilling or unable to give up that work whilst they study ACCA.

                While I understand their reasons, for upholding their reputation, I do think they are foolish to exclude such people, if indeed that is definitely the case, especially if they are already qualified in something such as AAT.


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                  Reifference between ACCA and AAT

                  It does seem foolish, however, understandable in another respect.

                  The fact that an AAT qualified is competent to undertake accountancy work is not really an issue with ACCA. ACCA don't have any links with AAT and have their own bye-laws which are also governed by IFAC (International Federation of Accountants). Therefore ACCA must (by common sense really) stipulate boundaries in which an AAT qualified, say, studying for ACCA can offer to the general public. Dont forget ACCA is a recognised CCAB. Unfortunately, (without being biased as an ACCA qualified person) I tend to agree with the bye-law as it protects the Association which in turn protects Members and students.