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  • HMRC Agent - need to change address

    I am finally moving house and in the process of changing my address.

    I have just tried to change all my HMRC agent codes on the government gateway and the only one that has an option to change my address is Corporation Tax.

    I don't understand why this isn't standard and now I have to write letters and make calls. I know it isn't a big thing but so annoying.

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    Can you not just go to your details and amend?


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      We had to write to amend it but it then amended everywhere except PAYE where we had to write to each tax office!!!


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        we wrote to the CAAT team quoting our agent codes
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          Originally posted by T.C. View Post
          Can you not just go to your details and amend?
          only on ct nothing else gives you the option!


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            Originally posted by Rachel View Post
            only on ct nothing else gives you the option!
            This is correct.

            I can't remember which ones are which, but I think CT and self assessment can be changed one way, but VAT and PAYE have to be changed another way (writing a letter I think, and the others can be changed in the online portal). I had to go through this recently and it's a complete pain.
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              Laughable really isn't it ? In this day and age when HMRC are pushing for everything to be submitted online, you still have to SEND A LETTER for something as basic as this.

              I had to do the same a few months back and it beggers belief really.

              Still, take a deep breath.........
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                Changed address a year ago. vat still sends agent codes to my clients with my old address. I wrote to agent maintainer to different hmrc offices and still. The most painful was PAYE .
                It is unbelievable. It should work like this : you change and address in CH and it is changed automatically in all tax offices. But it does not work like this at all.


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                  I did this a year ago and they are still sending PAYE clients my home address details even though I have an office now.

                  HMRC are now telling me I should just be able to change my address online, even though I have repeatably been told I need to write to the tax office concerned. I have done this 3 times with no evident change to my details!

                  Double rubbish.