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Is anybody sitting these next week?

Any advice? I'm Starting to panic! i get real bad panic attacks before and during exmas! I've tried Kalms but doesn't seem to help at all.



  • Gal_NikNak
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    ECR Exam

    Hi there,

    I'm taking ECR on Monday :001_unsure:

    I've been going though past papers. This really helps to highlight your weaker areas, so then you can concentrate your revision on those areas .... for me that's limiting factors/production plans. These forum are also great to get support/advise from fellow students.

    Try not to fret too much and Good Luck :thumbup:
  • Anna Hillier
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    I know nothing can completely take the stress away, but there are some exam tips here and study support in the student resource centre too. I hope they help. If you or any other student members can think of resources you'd like to see on the website, things that would help you revise and help you pass your exams, please do let me know - post here, email or PM me.
  • haychie
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    Thanks both for your help!

    It's section 2 i fall down on both papers. ECR is remembering how to work out Margin of safet sales and % and also break even sales etc. I think i've got the hang of break even because i now understand what i'm working out.

    Could you explain the margin of safety- i think i'm just panicking!

    I find it really difficult to explain simple things too.

    I can do the first section in 20mins so should have plenty of time to spend on section 2 my troublesome area!

    Payback NPV NPC is really confusing too! I sometimes misunderstand what they're asking me for nomatter how many times i read the question.

    Thank you so so much! :001_smile:
  • Gianni
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    Margin of safety is the amount of sales over the breakeven point. To explain another way, it's a measure of how sales/output can fall until you reach the breakeven point.

    I find the best way learning (for me anyway) is to ensure you understand what's going on and why there's a need to perform calculations etc. At least then you're more inclined to learn it, it also helps you work out formulas if you've forgot!
  • jorja1986
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    When I am stressed I find the best thing to do is put everything down and take some deep breaths. Sounds simple but that is probably why it works so well.

    The worst thing to do would be to try and cram everything into the last week.

    Take a steady approach to it all and you will be fine. :thumbup1:
  • IDS
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    When i sat the ECR anf FRA in june I really found the past papers helped a lot. I did them each several time and was really happy when I opened the actual exams, the FRA was very similar to a previous paper and the first part of ECR was too.
  • gemgems1984
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    Exams help with nerves

    I know it sounds a bit silly but I use a hypnotherapy cd about 2 -3 weeks before an exam. It seems to calm my nerves & I used one before my driving test & I passed, also I find going over lots of exam papers helps as you get to know the questions likely to be asked. Hope this helps & good luck
  • haychie
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    Thanks guys! i've done all the past papers and did before the June ones! think i'm just worried now they're getting nearer

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