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how many exams need to do?

FF2FF2 New MemberRegistered Posts: 5
Hiya guys,

Could anyone shed me some light about what exams are included in the three levels? At the moment, all i know is PLB is in level 2.
Also will you give full term like PLB is Preparing Ledger Blances and Initial Trial Balance. Thank you.



  • lyd159lyd159 New Member Registered Posts: 10
    THe PLB is the only exam at Foundation level.

    At Intermediate you do FRA (maintaining financial records & preparing accounts) & ECR (Recording & evaluating costs & revenues)

    At technician I think there are 3 compulsory exams (someone will correct me on this!!)
    DFS (Drafting financial statements)
    PEV (Management of performance & enhancement of value)
    BTC (Preparing business taxation computations)

    Hope this helps!
  • DevilishbirdDevilishbird Feels At Home Registered Posts: 56
    3/4's right Lydi it's DFS, PEV & PCR (Contributing to the Planning and Control of Resources) these are compulsory central exams. Then you have to choose a further 2 optional units from BTC, PTC (personal taxation), Auditing and Cash management :001_smile:
  • lyd159lyd159 New Member Registered Posts: 10
    Thanks for the correction!! I wasn't quite sure which were the compulsory!!
  • FF2FF2 New Member Registered Posts: 5
    Thanks lyd159 & Devilishbird!
  • FF2FF2 New Member Registered Posts: 5

    A full list of all the exams:thumbup1:
  • blobbyhblobbyh Font Of All Knowledge Registered Posts: 2,415
    Don't forget the compulsory Unit 10 at Technician - the dreaded pr*ject... :confused1:
  • speegsspeegs Experienced Mentor Registered Posts: 854
    Come on now Blobbyh. No scaring off the little foundation mentees. The project is not that bad. Either that or I'm a swot:001_tt2:
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