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AAT Diploma Work Skills

I am really struggling with the assesment for the diploma pathway.

I find the instructions incredibly vague and I don't understand if when I am answering the health and safety questions whether I am to answer these as if I was working in the ideal office or if I am to answer truthfully. Also in the plan of work for the week, is the idea that I am to plan how to correct the health and safety issues? If not, all I can think to put is on the 15th December - complete task 2? Is this the idea?

Can anyone help please



  • 4NDY4NDY Just Joined Registered Posts: 1

    i am also undertaking the diploma pathway and agree, pretty vague, however, with regards to the health and safety questions, all workplaces have a normal operating procedure (NOP) file which lists details of the questions asked, in parts i think we need to add additional info to security for computer access as these will be specific to the workplace.

    also, your workplace will have an emergancy action plan (EAP) for the next section.

    with regards to the completion of each section, i think it is just a case of inputting when you will forcast completing so if you plan to complete by 12th jan, put that in the box.

    Hope this helps,

    also does this count as task 3 - discuss with fellow candidate?
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