ICB Lvl 1 & 2 vs. AAT Foundation / Certificate

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Good morning,

Im looking into getting ICB Lvl 1 (Basic) and 2 (Manual and Computing) in Book-Keeping then proceeding onto AAT from there. Although, i've noticed that the AAT Foundation / Certificate level includes an area on manual and computerised book-keeping. Does this mean i would be repeating my training as a book-keeper hence wasting time and money or would it actually be worth gaining ICB Lvl 2 before studying AAT or just the Basic Lvl 1 ICB Book-Keeping qualification and then moving on to AAT from there?

Thanks for any help...:001_smile:


  • NeilH
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    I would say that the AAT foundation/certificate is the better option. It will cover the topics covered by ICB and more also. In addition, AAT is better know by employers.

  • purplegirl
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    I think you would only do ICB first if you wanted a qualification in the computerised aspect as the manual teaching seems to be very similar in both AAT and ICB. You don't get too much of the computerised side taught at AAT. It's also very handy if you want to say you have had practical experience of using SAGE.
    I have decided to do the SAGE Payroll and bookkeeping home-learning courses to top up my knowledge, even though I have passed AAT.
    Hope I have helped.
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    I would go for the AAT route:
    wider range of syllabus
    better recognition
    can take it as far as you wish to take it

    For sage training, there are courses available, & some colleges do bookkeeping with sage courses.
    Dont forget, that above most small businesses, sage isnt used, so specific software skills arnt as important as the understanding of bookkeeping & accounts, & general IT skills.
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