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Hi all, hope someone can give me some advice. My partner already has his own, well established business making fitted kitchens, etc from scratch. He has now decided to make part of his factory into a plumbers/builder merchant.

However he operates manual books and has done since the company was opened 26 years ago by his dad. To be fair they are well presented and theres never any problem with them. Obviously now selling plumbing bits, toilet seats, whole bathroom suites and tubes of silicone this method just isn't going to cut it and a computerised system is in order. He has sound book keeping and payroll knowledge its just all on paper and hes a bit of a technophobe!!

I have a few questions, I am familiar with using Sage and as I will have to show him how to use it I would rather he got Sage. Can anyone give me an idea of how much Sage is, there will only be one computer operating it. PM me if you like. Also does Sage have default nominals or would it be down to us (me!!) to assign each item a nominal? I've never been involved from the start so if anyone can give me some guidance on it that would be great.


  • Simon Smith
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    You might want to try looking at the Sage website, as they will quote you a license depending on your situation.
  • Sue
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    Hi Sarah

    Sage starts from around £130.00 for the basic version. It sounds as though you may want to use Departments, which I don't think you can with Sage Instant, so you may want to start with Instant Plus. Perhaps start with the most basic version then upgrade if you need to, check when ordering that you'll only have to pay the difference in price if you do chose to upgrade.

    Sage does have default nominal codes, you chose the type of business and Sage will start you with default codes for that business.

  • Jan
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    Hi Sarah
    Sue is right, you can use departments in Instant Plus. Although Instant is pretty basic compared to Sage Line 50 I found Plus quite adequate when I set it up for a company I worked for, with the idea that if it wasn't enough at least I could upgrade. ( I didn't want to spend too much on a white elephant and the company had spent £1000's in the past on a system that was way too complicated.) My successor did just that, as they wanted a better stock control system.

    There are nominal codes, but you can also amend them for your needs. I had never used Sage at all when I started - used the work books to guide me through the set up. (Especially useful if you don't want to work "live".:001_unsure:)

    Have a look on the web site and you can always ring sales - I found them helpful and not pushy when I last rang. I was upgrading our system and only paid for the upgrade, which is only a matter of a phone call, its then done online. You can also pay over 10 months, which helps!
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