plb exam

lauradwknslauradwkns Settling In NicelyPosts: 23Registered
Does any1 know what the pass mark for this exam is?


  • tramanhduongtramanhduong New Member Posts: 8Registered
    i think it varies each year, depends on students' performance
  • phunkyphantom22phunkyphantom22 Well-Known Posts: 166Registered
    The AAT exams do not have set pass marks - they do vary each year, as tramanhduong said. You will not get a percentage result either - simply pass or fail.
  • Gem7321Gem7321 Experienced Mentor DevonPosts: 1,438MAAT, AAT Licensed Accountant
    In the AAT mag there was an article about how they are looking into updating the marking, so your results are more clear, however I don't think we will be getting percentages/marks any time soon.
  • NAJCNAJC Feels At Home Posts: 44Registered
    You are marked by the amount of errors you make. I think you are allowed 2 major errors and a small error . If the majority is correct , you pass. Hope this helps
  • welshwizardwelshwizard Trusted Regular South WalesPosts: 465Registered
    I heard about 80% for Foundation, 65-80% Intermediate and 55-65% Technician - this obviously changes year on year but can be used as a ball park guide - important to relaise you must be able to apply your knowledge to scenarios - letters, memos etc and not just balance accounts. You do get marks for heading memos, reports, emails and letters properly so make sure you avail yourself of these easy marks - they can be the difference between competent or not-competent.

    Good luck, you'll be fine I am sure.
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