Foundation Course - where are people in the course?

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I've just taken the simulation for Unit 1 yesterday. Completed unit 4, Health and Safety, and Personal Effectiveness. Working through Unit 2 and should be starting Unit 3 shortly as well as covering the use of computers. It would be good to know where other students are in the course to get an idea of well the course is progressing for me and for others.


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    Good idea for a thread, I was wondering what everyone is doing at the moment. I'm doing the diploma route and I completed the IAC (unit 30) exam in december and I'm doing AWS (unit ??) right now, with that simulation due in february. I'm not sure whats next for me - PLB (unit 3) I think?
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    I'm also doing the diploma route via distance learning. Like LondonMatt, I completed the IAC exam in December and am currently working on AWS (unit 31). I have yet to book my simulation!
    LondonMatt - PLB is only on the NVQ route. Once you have passed the IAC exam & the AWS simulation you can move onto the intermediate stage!

    Kind regards

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    Im doing the nvq route, took my unit 1, 2 weeks ago, just started unit 2, have passed achieving personal effectiveness skillstest and portfolio.
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    claire3010 wrote: »
    LondonMatt - PLB is only on the NVQ route. Once you have passed the IAC exam & the AWS simulation you can move onto the intermediate stage!
    Are you sure about that? For some reason I had it in my head that we'll end the certificate stage after an exam in June?? I'm probably wrong though??
    So after this AWS simulation in February (for me anyway), we can start the advanced certificate stage straight away? That sounds great and scary at the same time ohmy::blink:::scared:
    Need to find out when these courses are available and for how many ££'s
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    Foundation Course - where are people in the course?

    Hi Matt

    I'm on the diploma pathway via distance learning. My learning provider's suggested timetable for Unit31 (AWS) as follows:

    AWS Progress Test 28/01/08
    AWS Practise Simulation 22/01/08
    AWS Simulation (Part 1 & 2) 17/03/08
    AWS Simulation (Part 3) 17/04/08

    There is no formal examination for AWS. The module is assessed via the simulations.

  • sarahwilsonsarahwilson Experienced Mentor Posts: 567Registered
    I'm doing NVQ, I've sat PLB (3) done the sims for 1 & 2 and am now working on unit 4, 21, 22 & 23.

    I'm also studying FRA & ECR to sit in June, hmmm now I see why I'm always tired:001_smile:
  • LondonMattLondonMatt Experienced Mentor Posts: 1,110Registered
    Thanks TT. I called my provider last night and she confirmed that the February course is the end of the certificate stage. Quite a short course for what I paid, but at least I can start the adv.cert. stage in march :thumbup:
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    im doing it through nvq, done unit 1 in december, unit 2 skills test next week, done health and safety, now doing personnel effectiveness which i hate! then onto the computer part
  • AikaAika New Member Posts: 7Registered
    It's interesting to see the way in which different colleges structure the course!

    I started in September, did units 22 and 23 first as it was thought best to get them out of the way. Then I took 1, 2, and 21 before studying unit 3 for the PLB exam. After the exam I took the unit 3 skills test and unit 4.

    So...I'm just waiting for that PLB result, really. :)
  • sarahwilsonsarahwilson Experienced Mentor Posts: 567Registered
    Thats a good idea to do the H&S first, I wish I had I keep putting it off now!
  • ZiaZia New Member Posts: 6Registered
    hey I did my simulation for unit 1 today but I didnt get time to complete part 2 fully so not sure if I'm going to fail. You think I migh have to do it again? I'm going to go for the Unit 2 next which I have read up on. I see your studying a different style.
  • Stuart Finance ManStuart Finance Man Just Joined Posts: 1Registered
    NVQ Foundation Level Progress

    Hi Avril

    I'm in a similar situation to yourself. I have completed Unit 1, Sage Line 50 Test, and currently waiting for feedback from a Unit 2 test taken on 5th March. Additionally most of Unit 22 is completed, although i'm a bit behind on Unit 23.

    Take Care

    Stuart Finance Man
  • A-VicA-Vic Expertise Guaranteed Posts: 6,970Registered
    Hey All

    well myself took unit 30 exam in december completed the computerised accounts simulation totally lost in cost units and two more simulations to do ten weeks and am finished woooohooooo

    however to start again in august intermidiate level

    wow i love it :001_smile:

    by the way - any advice in cost units? :confused1:
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    As of now, I'm on Easter holidays - my college (Burton) is in Staffordshire. This causes problems because a lot of people at the college have children in Derbyshire (Burton's on the Derbys/Staffs border), who have their Easter holiday in 2 weeks. But i digress...

    Where I'm at:
    Units 1 & 22 are signed off.
    Unit 21 is completed but waiting for IV.
    I've completed the unit 2 skills test, which is being marked over the holidays, I think.
    I'm supposed to be completing my unit 23 assignment over the holidays.
    Units 3&4 are next term...
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