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I am due to start PEV & PCR in March, but would like to read up on these subjects to get a headstart.
Has anybody got any notes that they could email, id be really grateful

Thanks x


  • Gianni
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    I don't have any notes but I was sent this document by somebody off this forum about a year ago, I hope they don't mind me sharing it! Essentially all it is, is the variances you'll need to learn.

    It didn't help me to much to be honest, I found the best way to learn them was to understand why I'd use the variances as oppose remembering a list of formulae.

    Good luck!
  • warwick5763
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    you can get the books on ebat very cheaply. We had Kaplan as a study test, big, thick and pretty wordy but do give you the big picture, but I found the osborne books concise and very much sticking to what will be required in the exam. The Osborne book I got for about 5.00 off ebay.
  • confused!!
    confused!! Registered Posts: 130 Dedicated contributor 🦉
    Many thanks for your replies!

    Which one did you find the hardes, PEV or PCR??
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