Top-up questions for H&S

zuzijo Registered Posts: 1 New contributor 🐸

I have just restarted my AAT Technician level after a 4 year gap, and apparently have to do top-ups in the H&S unit and another one that came under the old standards. Does anyone else here have any experience with this and whether any of the BPP or Kaplan type centres do this option? I also only need to do 2 exmas to gain Technician level. Does anyone have any advice on which training provider to approach for this?? Everyone I've looked at seem to do the whole Technician Level and not split the units. I don't mind doing distance learning or attendind a day-release .... somewhere in the Bristol/Gloucester/Newport areas.

Am eager to get cracking so that I can complete by the end of this year .... so any help / advice would be greatly appreciated.
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