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portfolio range statements

suejsuej Feels At HomeRegistered Posts: 26
Hope some-one can help us with some conflicting advice that we have been given by the 4 tutors that we have had so far since September!!!

On the student records, there are range statements that have to be filled in, our first 2 tutors said that actual evidence or activities given in class would suffice for these statements but the latest tutor is adamant that we have to type up actual statements explaining our understanding of the range - does anyone know what we are supposed to be doing?:confused1:


  • CJCCJC Font Of All Knowledge Registered Posts: 1,657
    Well, unless things have changed radically since my day I'd say the first two tutors are largely correct. Most of the elements for each unit (well the actual accountancy units anyway) should be covered by skills tests plus some additional exercises and/or oral questioning where needed. This can all be simply cross-referenced in the student record.

    Where workplace evidence is used, then you should write something to show how that evidence relates to the elements, including the range statements. This especially goes for the Health and Safety and Personal Effectiveness units.

    Maybe the new tutor just likes to make you do unnecessary work. Hmm... he sounds like management material.
  • suejsuej Feels At Home Registered Posts: 26
    Thanks alot for your help, was hoping to avoid writing large stat:crying:ements for the "Working with computers" section!!!!!
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