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Jobs - can anyone help!

emmamacemmamac Settling In NicelyRegistered Posts: 18

I am currently studying Foundation level, have completed units 1 & 2, Health and Safety, Achieving Personal effectiveness and Computerised bits only 3 and 4 to go. Iam currently working in an admin role doing Sales Ledger but have been looking for a trainee role in a practice. There don't seem to be any out there unless you've just left school/uni (I'm 39) or have worked in practice before.

Has anyone any suggestions on how to go about getting a job in practice, I'm starting to think that there are non to be had.


  • netdumdumnetdumdum New Member Registered Posts: 14
    I was in a similar postion, if you are studying at a college its worth asking your lecturer if they know of any jobs.

    I asked mine and he managed to get me a part time role in the firm he works for.

    Good luck!
  • lesscilessci Well-Known Registered Posts: 180
    My advise would be to register with all the accounting employment agencies you can, and make up a list of all your local accountancy practices and do a spec letter with your CV, probably the best time of year to do it would be June to catch the intake of new Juniors, this will show how keen you are to get into a practice and the fact that you are already studying shows your commitment.

    I'm in a similar situation being an older student, but don't forget that the can't dicriminate against you just because of yor age, and that to some people would consider it an advantage.

    Good Luck
  • kazseerakazseera Feels At Home Registered Posts: 87
    heyyy there i hope youve found a job. theres loaads out there, you just need to lok in the right place. errm theres loads advertised online, errm, if you apply directly to firms, this will increase your chances.

    im currently ddoing the health and safety unit myself now, arrgghhh its soo annoying, i really dont know what to write
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