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Start from foundation, Help!

Lei ZhouLei Zhou New MemberRegistered Posts: 13
Hi all,

I'm an international student, and will stay in UK for next two years. I have a plan to join AAT qualification exams. Could someone please give me some information regard my following questions?

1.Is it in time to join the AAT exams (NVQ/SVQ foundation and intermediate, 3 exams) in June 2008 if I apply for the exam now?
2.How can I enroll for exams in June 2008 if I can join the exam?
3.Whether can I join the exams by self-taught without having training in center?
4.If I want to have (NVQ/SVQ foundation and intermediate, total 3 exams) in June, beside following fees, is there any other fees I should pay?
Student Member Admission Fee £30.00
Student Membership Fee £66.00
Foundation (NVQ/SVQ)/Certificate (Diploma) level exam fee £36
Intermediate (NVQ/SVQ)/Advanced (Diploma) level exam fee £38 per exam (two exams), sub: £76
Total £208.00 (Not include books)
5.If I paid Member Admission Fee & Student Membership Fee by online registration, And how can I pay the other fees?
6.Can I get my membership number immediately after online registration paid?
7.Where can I get the address of exam?

Thanks in advance...


  • speegsspeegs Experienced Mentor Registered Posts: 854
    Hi Lei

    Welcome to the UK and welcome to the AAT. I think you need to phone the AAT student helpline (you can find it on this site somewhere) and ask them all your questions.

    Good luck

  • Lei ZhouLei Zhou New Member Registered Posts: 13
    Hi speegs,

    Thank you for kindly reply. AAT student helpline has give me some important message, I have registed my student membership online, and will enter June's exam.

    Thanks again.
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