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bank recs

SolbergSolberg New MemberRegistered Posts: 8
Can anyone help, i started this Wed but am stuck and have portfolio evidence lesson 19 for homework!:confused1:


  • kendall17kendall17 Feels At Home Registered Posts: 42
    Morning Solberg. I'll help you if you need help! just let me know what part of it you want help on or you can always email me - [email protected]

    Step 1 - Check to see if your opening balances match on the bank and the cashbook. if not try and work out why.
    Step 2 - Tick your cash book payments & receipts to the bank

    Step 3 - if there are payments unticked on the bank then these are either a) part of the opening balances or b) not on the cash book therefore they need adding to you cash book

    Step 4 - balance your cash book

    Step 5 - balance the bank

    Balance per Bank Stmnt
    Less Unpresented Chqs(unticked chqs on CBK)
    Add Unpresented Lodgements (unticked receipts on bank)
    Balance c/fwd (should match same amount on CBK)

    Like i said if you need anymore help then email me but i hope i've already solved your problems :thumbup:
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