PTC & BTC exams in June

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I cant decide how to revise for these

Normally I do all the assignment, practises etc that my tutor send me and then I print every single past exam off and work through them

Is this going to confuse me? I know the different rates etc will be in the individual papers so I will always refer back to them but I dont want to start thinking about others rates and then forget the relevant ones

I hope I am making sense! I want to practise as much as possible and have a drawer full of the papers!

What is everyone else planning to do?



  • sharon
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    Emma....I have no idea!!! I have PTC, DFS & MAC! And i am wasting too much time on raffing around and asking how to revise that i have not even started revising!

    In the past i just done all past exam papers but this time round with 3 exams think i need to plan!

    Any ideas? How did you find MAC & dfs?

    Any why are you doing both Tax papers only need to do one!
  • Emma1708
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    Hi Sharon

    They are the two optional units I have chosen

    I am doing the NVQ not diploma so have not done MAC

    DFS was the first one I did at technician and found it ok - much better than PEV and PCR which I hated

    You sound the same as me - asking and fretting about revising instead of actually making a start!
  • sharon
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    lol....I am definately going to make a start this weekend!
    Good luck
  • richardw
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    Just keep working through the questions, can always do the most recent past paper a couple of times.
    Im doing the revision sessions for both tax, ive found that they help, as you go over everything for a 2nd time.
    Diploma you have to do both tax if your not doing auditing
  • Elena
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    Having taken BTC (once in June) and again (passing it in Dec!), I found that using past exam papers are more than ok - this gets you used to following the format which didnt change. You use the rates that are relevant to the paper, and when you do the exams in June, the revised rates will be there for you.

    I also did a lot of my exercises in my book and did a lot of repetition on the same style of question, and this also helped.

    All the best.
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