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PLB-simulation D1916 Task7, need help!!!

yunfeiyunfei New MemberRegistered Posts: 9
Hi, everybody, i'm going to writting my simulation at 9th June, but i am still not very understand how to draw the journal. pls help.:crying:

one of the invoices for rent receivable was entered in the day book as 2,200 rather than 1,200. this means that the wrong amt. was posted to both the non-trade debtors control a/c and the rental income a/c in the main ledger, the correct amt was received from the tenant and recorded in the cash book.

pls draw up a journal dated 30 june 2004 to deal with this adjustment.

pls help me to do this. thanks.


  • roy ramphulroy ramphul Feels At Home Registered Posts: 36
    I take it that the rent receivable was overcast. Therefore I am assuming that the following had been posted,

    Dr Non Trade Debtors 2200
    Cr Rent Receivalbe 2200

    to correct

    30/06/04 dr Rent Receivable 1000
    cr Non Trade Debtors 1000
    Being entered incorrectly from original posting
  • yunfeiyunfei New Member Registered Posts: 9
    thanks a lot.
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