DFS & PEV Exams!!

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how is everything feeling about the dfs and pev exams and how much revision has everyone done

im worried about the dfs one as im alright with number questions but i may struggle trying to remeber all the ias standards?

do you have to go into great detail or just bullet points?

any help would be appreciated



  • lorraine
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    I also wondering if its okay if you cant remember the actual no's becoz I can remember most of the information to do with each statndard but not the actual no's.

  • lorraine
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    also im doin pcr and dfs and i have revised like theres no tomoro, in total i will be revising for six weeks. this week mon tues and weds i spent my lunch hour revising and three hours in the evening and next week im taking a week off to study, all you can do is your best and i think i cant really do any more than that. i am also doing questions out of the osbournes book where i feel i need more practise like for. good luck

  • Brendan80
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    Also down for PEV, DFS and PCR. I think I have DFS more or less under control...although the IAS standards I find hard to remember. I use Osborne txt books and it recommends to make use index cards with bullet points to help. still have'nt read the last two chapters of the PCR module so don't feel bad! I have this week off too so will do as many pass papers as possible! good luck
  • 118 11kate
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    Hi ALL

    I am sitting PEV because my class sat the exam on the day I went on my honeymoon......and I hate costing :thumbdown: I found Finance and tax a whole lot easier. The IAS's are easy to remember if you chant the IAS number and heading afew times you will find they start to stick in the memory (It worked for me and my studdy buddies :blushing:). This is the first exam where I have felt like I really just dont care because im just sooooo fed up with it all and my husband has promised to teach me how to play the playstation and wii once the exams are over:lol:

    "GOOD LUCK EVERYONE" im sure I will see you on here after the exam either feeling like :thumbup: or :crying:. lol
  • Barbara Knight
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    I passed DFS in Dec 07......If it helps, I didn't try to remember the IAS numbers for the IAS. I though that there was too much to remember so I just learned the name of each IAS and one or two sentences giving me the jist of what it was about. I had this as a list and carried the pages round with me and just kept reading it. The Ias question is usually quite short - just asking for a dfinition so I figured it was not worth learning all of all of them and I don't think that it is loads of points in the exam. Our tutor said that if you get the number crunching questions right you would have enough points to pass even if you got the definitions wrong.

    Good luck
    Barbara :thumbup1:
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