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New forum features and upgrades

Simon SmithSimon Smith BannedBanned User Posts: 49

Apologies for the downtime today.

I have upgraded the forums to the latest version which brings with it a few added features you may like to play with:

Social Groups

Those familiar with Facebook groups will know what these are. Feel free to create a group about anything, serious or otherwise or join existing ones. You can find this feature linked from the Quick Links tab along the top or in your User CP. Or you can just click here.


Another new feature when creating a thread is the ability to add tags, these operate in a similar way to Youtube and allow you to describe what your post is about to aid searches. These are of course completely optional.

Picture Albums

You can also now have a place to upload your own images and share them with other users. These can be found via your User CP or in the Quick Links section.


I'm currently trying out some more anti-spam measures to try and cut down on the advert threads that keep appearing. Hopefully we can put a stop to them

New forum theme

The most obvious change is the new forum theme. The reason for this change was to allow support for all the new features that vBulletin provides (and to fix the problems with existing features) but also to make the forums easier to read and navigate.

I realise some users may not want to use this theme and you can switch between the new and old ones at the bottom left of the forums by using the drop down there.

However please remember that the old forum theme does not support the new features and may work incorrectly with existing ones.

Thanks and please feel free to leave your comments in this thread


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