BTC - trading & capital losses

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Hi could anyone help me please, I am still confused about the differences between Ltd companies and sole traders/partnerships.

What are the basic rules/differemces for offsetting trading losses and offsetting capital losses for both types i.e. Ltd companies and sole traders?



  • Hamish
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    Currently revising this. This topic hasn't come up so not taking any chances. Can't get my head around it though as not much in past papers to practice on. Will let you know when I've figured it out. Only two days to go!! Good luck
  • GoldenRetreiver
    GoldenRetreiver Registered Posts: 64 💫 🐯 💫
    Thanks, the more I look into it the more confused I get. With trading losses can business go back 1 year offset against profits and sole traders the same?

    With capital losses can they can only be offset against present and future years for both, however, with sole traders you first offset the loss, then deduct the taper then deduct the 9200 exemption allowance?
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