Scared > Fail??!

all of my mistakes...

Payback period - I included the disposal figure aswell? Really woried about this one now! I put on my report to accept it, positive NPV, good payback period etc... 152.5npv, 1yr 11months pp

My other errors include: MOS Written bit - I put the wrong one to have the best MOS Figure. (Think my figures were correct though?!) Just that written question.This wouldnt be worth too many marks would it?

Reapportionment - the one which was 70/30% pro rata.. done this wrong, i just split it 70/30, and didnt use the direct labour hours at the bottom of the page which i should have done for something?? Is this wrong?? Did all the other ones right though (touch wood!!) This should be just one error carried through is that right?? :S

Stock report - i said that they were sticking to it for some stupid reason - but i gave valid points - and reasons; and the financial implications - storage, wastage etc.. so i should onlly lose a few marks shouldnt i?? at least half right!

On the whole, I think all my other figures were ok?

Do you think this is a deffo fail???



  • cruise71
    cruise71 Registered Posts: 5 Regular contributor ⭐ ? ⭐

    I got to say most of what you written sounds ok, payback was 1.9 years or 1 year 11 months. NPV is positive 158 or 152!!
    All good you'll do ok!!:thumbup1:
  • Chris023
    Chris023 Registered Posts: 93 ? ? ?
    yeah I think after the exams every little mistake is magnified ten fold unless you think you have completely screwed up, you will have done good :D
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