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IAC pass mark?

kevjarvisunikevjarvisuni New MemberRegistered Posts: 9
Just realised somebody has already asked about the IAC passmark!

Just had the exam in Southampton. Made a few silly mistakes - reversed a few CR/DRs and didn't know how to describe a bankers draft! Still hopeful though...hope everyone else did well!


  • hanapospishanapospis Well-Known Registered Posts: 111

    I think there is no percentage of pass mark. You have to be competent in both parts. According to how the students do they will adjust the pass mark..

    I have just come back from my IAC exam and do not feel very confident :crying:
  • mullmull Just Joined Registered Posts: 3
    i did the exam today, i thought it was fairly easy, ijust kept looking over the exam papers and learning the question styles
  • DaveIOWDaveIOW Feels At Home Registered Posts: 85
    Exam wasn't too bad. It sounds the problem everyone is having is that it was nothing like the last few years exams, ie no similar questions, but that is to be expected. If you read some of the chief assessors reports a lot of complaints they have is that students learn previous questions so I guess they have done something about it.

    Hey kevjarvisuni, were you at BPP southampton? I was there on desk 3.
  • kevjarvisunikevjarvisuni New Member Registered Posts: 9
    BPP? I was at Eastleigh College, desk 9? There were no parking facilities arranged?!! The nearest parking for more than two hours was about 20 mins walk away!
  • DaveIOWDaveIOW Feels At Home Registered Posts: 85
    never mind, BPP are commercial/home study tutors...in offices by Southampton central station
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