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Please Help: Unit 31 Simulation - Part 3

Kate BrightKate Bright Just JoinedRegistered Posts: 1
Hello everyone.

I'm currently working on the simulation for Unit 31 - Part 3. It asks me to consult a peer. I am studying via distance learning so I'm hoping that someone would be kind enough to help me here, as the board I was instructed to post on is very quiet. So any comments from people who have done or are doing this simulation would be appreciated.

From reading old posts on the other board it would seem that I am planning to use a similar folder to others, a slimline flexible ringbinder, to present my work in. I feel that this will secure the pages slightly better than the type that "clamp" the pages and still be relatively easy to post.

With regards to the floor plan of my office I need to include, I am unsure as to how much detail this should show. I understand that the general structure of the buidling must be shown but is it neccessary to include the layout of the desks? Otherwise the plan for my office is a simple rectangle with a doorway and the desks can alter the routes people take to the fire exit.

I am also finding the "procedures in place to deter theft of computer equipment" challenging. Most of my ideas for this category are already detailed in the access to the building, eg. alarms and locked doors. If anyone has any suggestions as to other items I can mention they would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.



  • K£LLYK£LLY Just Joined Registered Posts: 4
    Hey Kate,

    Our tutor at college gave us all tasks to do to make sure we got all the ticks in the right boxes for this, but I used an excel spreadsheet as graph paper and did simple shapes such as rectangles for desks (only kind of to scale with the size of the building) and marked down fire extinguishers, fire exit door ways, and any other health and safety bits down on it. When it came to rerefencing it in writing in my file I just wrote "please see floor plan".

    I would also suggest that if you have any ideas down anywhere that you know will reference into any other bits, to just jot them down again, simply with the peice being entitled for example 2the procedures to deter theft of computer equipment". It might sound really simple, but at least you know it wont get missed when it comes to being verified, as you've specifically addressed it.

    My portfolio filled one of those lever arch files and was spilling over the edge by the time I had finished!

    Hope this helps...
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