Reinbursment of AAT course fees & P11d'd

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HI Everybody

I have just finished intermediate level and about to go onto Technician. At the start of the last college year I paid the college I attend for the course. I then divulged to my employer I was job hunting and one of the reasons I was looking to move on was that they were not paying for the course although they were only people that were benefitting from it at that point. They then agreed to reimburse the fees and my exam fees but not the AAT membership fee.

Our accountants have now said I need to do a P11d:crying: for this - is this correct/common?

I only ask because I havent come across the P11d before?



  • A-Vic
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    P11d - is so can show expensis paid to you through your Wages i.e car petrol ? -- what i cant understand is why he is asking for that???

    All he has to do is write a letter to the college or learning provider stating that he wishes to be invoiced for the cost of the course.
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    That was what I thought, although the college refused to issue a retrospective invoice they did issue a receipt showing how much i had paid and what the course was etc.
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    Course fees should not be entered on the P11d as they are exempt. Please see the link below

    Hope this helps

  • NeilH
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    A P11d is to show any benefits in kind, i.e. a company car or things paid for on your behalf such as health insurance.

    Any expenses occured by you and then reimbursed by the company (i.e. business mileage) doesn't need to be entred into the P11d as this wouldnt constitute a benefit.

    In your instance tuition fees are exempt anyway but you should keep the receipt from the college - ideally you should have raised an expenses claim for the fees.

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    Expenses do have to be entered onto a P11d but ridiculously show as being reimbursed so no tax issues at all - just a whole lot of administration for no benefit whatsoever!

    So there would have to be a P11d filled out but it would show nil as the training was incurred and reimbursed. Thanks to Peugeut for reminding me that if a dispensation is in place which covers this then it would not be reportable at all. Whatever happens there will not be any benefit in kind.

    Crazy situation I know but that's the Revenue for you!!
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    HI Sloshed - thanks for link - that was enough to get this resolved and keep me P11dless! :thumbup1:
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