aat mag/ level 4 - 2 yrs??

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hey everyone
i got my AAt mag and had a go at some of the e learning sad i know,
the last mag i got was at christmas dec/ jan issue is it monthly?
also on the reading list for technician level i noticed there are books for
exams for 2 yrs so does this mean level 4 is 2 yrs long not one, not that ill ever get that far but you never know


  • jkcjkc Well-Known Posts: 166Registered
    good luck everyone fro exam results date 20th august ?
    hope your all going to be celebrating.
  • Scorpion_KingScorpion_King Just Joined Posts: 5Registered
    Hey jkc!

    Hey JKC!

    What do u mean its sad dat uv been doin the e learning questions? u should be proud of yourself! :thumbup1:

    I dont think the Technician level is for 2 yrs, u can do it in 1 yr if u want, it depends on how comfortable u feel.

    Thanks, yeah i hope we all pass! Even though i know iv messed up big time in the exam!
  • speegsspeegs Experienced Mentor Posts: 854Registered
    Technician can all be done in one sitting if you want to do it that way. This would mean doing the whole lot in 6 months. It would be hard but I know lots of people who have done this.

    Good luck

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