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unit 31

miketranmerefanmiketranmerefan Feels At HomeRegistered Posts: 42

anyone done the siulations part 1 and 2 of unit 31 diploma route


  • alicemaylaraalicemaylara Trusted Regular Registered Posts: 259
    Hey again im just doing part 3 :S i have a practice part 1 and its so hard!!! Do you have the Actual simulation? im doing mine next week im so worried its so hard and what we learnt in class just didnt help, she taught us the wrong thing!
  • miketranmerefanmiketranmerefan Feels At Home Registered Posts: 42
    done 31.3 but still first part is a real pain bin sent a mock to do but not done enuf revision to attempt it yet, need seriuos help as its home learning i dont see no tutor or nothin just a textbook and thats it a bit bad sometimes
  • PADESUPADESU New Member Registered Posts: 11

    anyone done the siulations part 1 and 2 of unit 31 diploma route
    Got mine coming up in september,really missing tutor/student interaction as I'm studying from home and not confident about my computer skills -lots of little questions but seems to be a struggle to get a quick answer from Bpp (took over a week last time!!) Does anyone know if it's possible to meet (I'm in East Sussex but not afraid to travel within reason) to compare notes etc???
  • Katie S-BPPKatie S-BPP New Member Registered Posts: 9
    Hi, for BPP homestudy students assessors are avialble via telephone Monday to Friday 9-5.30am if you have any technical queries.

    For any one who is attempting an actual simualtion for unit 31 in the near future, I would advise you to complete a mock paper first. If you are studying with BPP complete the mock and send it into us for assessing, a qualified assessor then mark it for you and give you feedback on how well you did on each task. This will highlight the areas you need to work on whilst revising for the actual. The assessors will also give you an over veiw on how you did over all and inform you if you have passed or not.

    Really good tool to help wioth revision!
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