Portfolio Deadline

:mad2: I've just found out that my college has not told my class that we had to have our portfolio completed as of now....
Does anyone know if I can submit it to the AAT myself and when is the final deadline for it?

Thanks. x


  • Katie S-BPPKatie S-BPP New Member Posts: 9Registered

    You do not submit portfolio's to the AAT, they need to be assessed through the centres.
  • Faye007GingerFaye007Ginger New Member Posts: 8Registered
    Thanks Katie. Well my college are being pathetic and my deadline was told one week before I actually had to have it in by. Is there anyway I can file it online? :crying:
  • BluewednesdayBluewednesday Font Of All Knowledge Posts: 1,624Registered
    No - your centre has to approve it and then inform the AAT that you have passed the units. The only way not to use the college is to use another (which will obviously cost you).
  • CullenCullen Experienced Mentor Posts: 592Registered
    Are you sure that your college did not tell you? This seems very unlikely. Have you missed any lessons when the others were told?
  • PacelliPacelli New Member Posts: 8Registered
    I go to Southend College. We were told to complete our Portfolios. The tutors were in college till 10 pm signing them off.
  • Faye007GingerFaye007Ginger New Member Posts: 8Registered
    well none of our class was told until it was time to basically hand them in.
    to be honest - the way the college has run the course is pathetic.
    my mum done the intermediate and she said it was just as bad !
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