Diploma or NVQ please help

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Hiya i wondered if i could have some advice. I have almots completed certificate level of AAT on the diploma way. I have now got a job in an accounting firm. I have the option of going to NVQ for the next two stages but i dot want to! I no i get a grant possibly but i have heard that the NVQ is alot of paper work and it involves your employer quite alot. I would prefer to do it all the diploma way. Am i allowed or do i HAVE to do NVQ? any advice would be great thanks


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    You do not have to move to the NVQ pathway, whether you study the NVQ route or the Diploma you will recieve the same qualification at the end.

    The main difference between the NVQ and Diploma is that for the NVQ you are able to provide work place evidence and you MUST complete a portfolio. For the Dilpoma pathway simualtions must be used and a portfolio doent have to be produced.

    I would advise you to contiune down the Diploma route as you have already began you qualification.
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    thats great thats the answer i wanted to hear :lol:
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    Hi Alice

    I am a Diploma student with BPP. I recommend Diploma as you do not have to do workplace evidence, a portfolio, and there are fewer exams at Techie level.

    I also recommend studying with BPP as the tutors are all so helpful and supportive.

    Good luck.

    Speegs :)
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