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Exempt from Foundation ?

greengrassgreengrass New MemberRegistered Posts: 5
Hi all

I did ICB (Institute of Certified Bookkeepers) levels 1&2 some time ago and am now thinking about going to college for AAT. I have heard that because I have done the ICB stuff which is essentially the same as the AAT foundation; I would be exempt and be able to go straight onto AAT intermediate.

Is this true?



  • CullenCullen Experienced Mentor Registered Posts: 592
    Yes I think so. You can contact your college and they may accept your certificates or if not, you can take an online test which will indicate what level is best suited to you. You may have to take units 21 and 22 as extra at intermediate level as they are covered at Foundation, but they are reasonably easy and I dont think will be a problem. If you can borrow text books for these units or buy them on ebay, it might be wise to start them asap rather than later. Your college will advise you how best to proceed.

    Best of luck.
  • alicemaylaraalicemaylara Trusted Regular Registered Posts: 259
    There is a test on kaplan financial to help you decide. I hope this link works but if you can do this quix u can skip certificate level http://www.kaplanfinancial.co.uk/Portals/0/documents/quiz.doc If the link doesnt work go here http://www.kaplanfinancial.co.uk/Default.aspx?tabid=147 and click on 'where to start' on the left.
  • greengrassgreengrass New Member Registered Posts: 5
    Thanks for your replies
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