Some help please!

EviebEvieb New MemberPosts: 6Registered
Im doing a home study course and was wondering where do you sit your exmas?!
Maybe this is a really obvious question and I have overlooked the answer somewhere? :001_unsure:
Any help much appreciated :)


  • Caz1Caz1 Feels At Home Posts: 44Registered
    Hi Evieb

    Did you get your study pack through a learning provider like BPP or Kaplan? I'm doing home study with BPP and go to one of their centres to sit my exams and skills tests
  • mikesmikes Trusted Regular Posts: 254Registered
    If you cannot get to your providers centre, then as an external student, you can go to any of the centres, that accept external students, when you go to register for your exam in the AAT website. I just tried now, but the December registration is not open yet. Hopefully there may be one near you, but be prepared for a journey if not.

    Best of luck.
  • EviebEvieb New Member Posts: 6Registered
    im with premiere training and they said for my skills test i have to find a suitable place to sit it i.e a libary, with member of clergy, fully qualified AAT person etc etc. Ive heard about centres but should premiere training tell me this or do i find out for myself? Where can u find a list of centres that would accept you? My tutors off sick atm hence all the questions.
    Thanks for your help though!
  • RichardRichard Trusted Regular Posts: 373Registered
    Do you have a job? Premier let me take my skills tests at work.
  • EviebEvieb New Member Posts: 6Registered
    nope full time mum!
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