June 08 IAC Exam results - please advise?

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Q1. According to the website our exam results (for IAC June 08) will be available online on 20th August from 00:01, does this mean my results will be available for everyone to see or just me on my AAT?

Q2. will my employer be sent my results? does this depend whether i selected for my employer to be sent regular updates when i became a member?

If yes to Q2: Q3. how can i find out if i selected for my employer to be sent regular updates? (i cant remember if i did or not)

Q4. when will we receive our results in the post - 20th or 21st?

Answers to all or any of the above will be much appreciated, thank you x


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    When you log in to MyAAT, you will only be able to see your own results, noone else. Chances are that there will be a late night vigal on the forums, with everyone waiting to see their results, you can also have them emailed to you if you wish, so that you may also get them sooner. I believe your employer will only be able to see your results if you have given their details to either AAT or your training provider. There is a section where you can update your employer details. Your results are sent out in the post on the 20th and you should get them within a day or so.

    Best of luck.
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    ok, many thanks for you help
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