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HELP? (Foundation Home Learning)

Ched HughesChed Hughes Just JoinedRegistered Posts: 2
Hi Their,

Im justabout to embark on my Journy into the world of AAT Home learning but just before i do i would really appreciate some advice...

If i choose to go the home learning route how and when do i do my skills tests? My employer said he knows of a full MAAT member who could do it, but what are the conditions?

and my last question is, the final exam... can that be done in my local collage as they do the AAT course its just that i cant attend due to other commitments....

any help would be greatly appreciated,

Kind Regards,

CHED :thumbup:


  • Katie S-BPPKatie S-BPP New Member Registered Posts: 9

    It depends on what centre you study with, if you study with BPP then you would be able to attempt skills test at work by setting up a supervisor, when ever you feel ready to attempt them.

    For the Central exams you can select from a list of colleges who are accepting external students, you will find this list when you come to book your centra exams on the AAT website, you mya find that a college really close to you will be able to accomondate without any additional charge.

    what college do you study with?

    Good luck in your future studies
  • Ched HughesChed Hughes Just Joined Registered Posts: 2
    Hey, Thankyou For Your Help :thumbup:

    I Intend to Study Distance Learning With "BPP - Maidenstone" at NVQ Foundation Level...

    My Local Collage Is "Collage Llandrillo - Rhos on Sea North Wales" I Hope They Will Accept Me..

    My Employer Said He Can Get A "MAAT Member" Who is Qualified at Technician Level and Has Been For 10 Years Now.... Is That Acceptable



    CHED HUGHES :001_smile:
  • Katie S-BPPKatie S-BPP New Member Registered Posts: 9
    Hi Ched

    If you will be studying the AAT qualification with BPP then your employer is a suitable canidiate to supervise you, a full member is not necessary but completely satisfactory it is up too you as the student providing that the nominated person meets all BPP criteria. They will have to go through a registration process with us. This is a simple procdure however.

    Glad i could be of some help

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