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Help Please

joy29joy29 Just JoinedRegistered Posts: 4
I am currently doing home learning and am stuck on Unit 30 Assignment 3 re Cash book.

On the list of transactions there is a cheque (Sales) returned by bank - dishonoured. When posting to the accounts do i do this as a journal entry or credit the bank and debit the persons sales account?

Getting really confused with this and would appreciate any help. :confused1:

Many thanks


  • The Accounting BikerThe Accounting Biker New Member Registered Posts: 8
    hi, all you need to do is to credit the bank and debit the SLCA (and the persons credit account if you have that detail) with the cheque amount with an appropriate note as to what the entry is. In U30 the book pretty much dictates what it wants you to do (i.e. if you have to do a journal entry it tells you to), don't complicate what doesn't need complicating!! Usually with the AAT books it works on the kiss system, and deals with one thing at a time... I have found that journal entries aren't really touched on as they tend to be used as a form of memo between different parts of an accounts dept. as long as you know what journal entries are and what to do with them you'll be fine... hope this sort of answers your question... :001_tt2:
  • joy29joy29 Just Joined Registered Posts: 4
    Many thanks for that - it helps alot :thumbup:
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