7 days to go & counting!!!!!!!!!!!!

aatbabe Registered Posts: 16 New contributor 🐸
Hi guys,

Am really nervous but excited to get exam results in a weeks time.

Good luck to you all!!!



  • lorraine
    lorraine Registered Posts: 404 Dedicated contributor 🦉
    I feel reeeeeaaaaalyyyyyyyyyyyy scared ahhhh!!!!!
  • Natalie_24
    Natalie_24 Registered Posts: 10 New contributor 🐸
    i can't wait to get mine, i think i messed up on PCR but fingers crossed for the other two. I'm sick of waiting now!!! :001_smile:
  • Helen01
    Helen01 Registered Posts: 2 New contributor 🐸
    This is killing me. Im soooooooo impatient at the best of times, but my nerves are getting worse every day.

    Is it Tuesday that we get results by email??
  • *Sarah*
    *Sarah* Registered Posts: 172 Dedicated contributor 🦉
    Yeah it's Tuesday Helen, eek! Although the last two sittings they have come the night before so is worth checking
  • Emma1708
    Emma1708 Registered Posts: 217 Dedicated contributor 🦉
    It says by 9am Tuesday but the last 3 have been on the Monday night so I will be here on Monday evening nervously awaiting the email - anyone else going to join me?

    I am getting some wine in - I will need it either way!

  • umerali2003
    umerali2003 Registered Posts: 400 Dedicated contributor 🦉
    hello every body well its just matter of days now i am really nervouse and excited as well last time i got my email 1 day before the actual date at 3oclock in the after noon so i am definately going 2 check on monday good luck 2 every body
  • nikdan123
    nikdan123 Registered Posts: 11 New contributor 🐸
    good luck everyone...i go away on monday so i am hoping there will be a computer in the hotel so i can check. quite confident on dfs but i will be very very surprised if i have passed pev. nothing i can do about it now though :D:laugh:
  • lorraine
    lorraine Registered Posts: 404 Dedicated contributor 🦉
    yeah, I feel confident about DFS but not so confident about PCR!!!

    roll on monday evening if we get them early that is! like last year!
  • Hunnibun
    Hunnibun Registered Posts: 18 New contributor 🐸

    This is such an awful long wait.
    I dont remember the others to have seemed so bad.
    I felt really good when left exams and now I have a gut feeling I failed all three of my finals...................Hurry up.........never wished the weekend away so much before. :001_unsure:
  • emsquare1
    emsquare1 Registered Posts: 96 Regular contributor ⭐
    i can't wait. i soooo hope I pass that way I can get a new job and not worry about resitting, monday oh gosh, i hope it comes, my internet has broken so it looks like i shall be round my friends annoying her all night!!!! :confused1:
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