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Recently taken Unit 31 Simulation with BPP?

katsutlieffkatsutlieff Trusted RegularRegistered Posts: 459
I am at present on the Chapter concerning computerised accounting systems. The activities in the book are based around sage which has not been provided, there is no access on the BPP website to the activity downloads that are required and all BPP had told me to do is download a free trial version of Simply Books.

If someone has recently taken the simulation with BPP what package was used, sage or simply books. I'm not sure whether to learn simply books or go and buy a copy of sage, please help!!

Also if anyone has a copy of the necessary spreadsheets for the activities in the course/revision books and for the mock exam I would be grateful if I could get a copy.



  • PADESUPADESU New Member Registered Posts: 11
    I'm in the same place as you and was wondering the same thing!!Do you have a date for simulation at a college yet as mine is less than a month away and to say I;m not confident is an understatement.
  • katsutlieffkatsutlieff Trusted Regular Registered Posts: 459
    I am home studying so when I am ready to sit I ring BPP and book my simulation.

    All I need to know is which package BPP use in their simulations, sage like in the book or simply books.

    Which college are you with?
  • vishavisha Well-Known Registered Posts: 218
    for unit 31 -2 you do not need sage software

    You are not assessed on how to use sage but you will be assessed on the following PCs

    31.2 Operate a computerised accounting system
    (a) Power up the computer and use passwords to access the system, software and data files.
    (b) Save, back up and print data files.
    (c) Enter accounting transactions into computerised records.
    (d) Operate a computerised accounting system including output.
    (e) Maintain security and confidentiality of data, passwords, disks etc, so that potential
    risks are minimised.
    (f) Exit from software and safely close down the computer.

    You should be able to all the above.

    Come on this is kids stuff. Every body in today's age is doing all the above blind folded.

    PC (c) (d) is where you will need a computerised accounts package. You can use any accounting software do demonstrate PC (c) (d)

    Log on to AAT students website and in the search box type "unit 31"

    your prayers will be answered
  • katsutlieffkatsutlieff Trusted Regular Registered Posts: 459
    I understand completely what is expected within the simulation, and I am more than capable of the kids stuff, but thank you for kindly listing the requirements for me.

    My concern is, I have never used an accounting package before so feel it would make sense to use and familiarise myself with the one that I am likely to come across in the simulation.

    Leading back to my question, which one do BPP use within the simulation?
  • speegsspeegs Experienced Mentor Registered Posts: 854
    A couple of years ago BPP were using Simply Books
  • katsutlieffkatsutlieff Trusted Regular Registered Posts: 459
    Many Thanks Speegs, will stick with Simply Books for now.

    Will look at getting Sage later, makes sense as it seems to be the most popular, and I can also use it to do my husbands books.

  • LaylaLayla Feels At Home Registered Posts: 40

    Just to put your mind at rest i sat my unit 31 less than a month ago and the software package used was Simply Books,
    and you can download the instructions for it aswell which i must admit is really easy to follow,

    hope this helps,

  • MattWMattW Feels At Home Registered Posts: 37
    I'm studying kaplan and they provided a cd with Sage instant accounts on it, I didn't really use it tbh though, but it would be useful if you didn't use computerised accounts in the workplace.
  • sebastianforbessebastianforbes Well-Known Registered Posts: 172
    just to throw another spanner into the works...

    i learnt unit 31 sage (at extra cost) with ftc kaplan and went to Reading to sit the simulation. can you believe that when i got there, they didn't have sage installed on any of their computers ?.. so i had to do the simulation by compiling my own spreadsheet on excel !!!

    the only reason that i was successful is because i had recently completed my ecdl.

    if you want to do simulations... i would always recommend that you use bpp but you really need to keep on top of them.
  • Kenneth WaringKenneth Waring New Member Registered Posts: 8
    Same boat again, I have downloaded Simply Books but found there to be no practice material to use this software... I then went to Sage.com and requested TrialWare for Sage Line 50, this lasts for 30 Days once installed and is compatible with the material provided on BPP website to practice.
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