Unit 10 Help & Ideas ---- Just for a change!!

KLK1971 Registered Posts: 6 New contributor 🐸
I know we are not allowed to trade projects to get ideas but can anyone give me a bit of info on what they are basing their project on. I'm lacking inspiration. I work for a one person and me accountant and I'm finding that there is not enough detail to any idea I come up with re a client etc. . I am treasurer for a PTA and could find all sorts of faults with the management of the whole PTA thing..... can we base the project on that sort of thing - its hardly big business!! What is everyone else doing please??

I just have Project to do to finish AAT.
Thankfully I passed PEV PCR & BTC first time this June....

Thank you and Good luck to everyone in the appeal process XX


  • speegs
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    Why not do the case study? At least then you don;t have to come up the ideas yourself.
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