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Beautiful_boboBeautiful_bobo Well-KnownRegistered Posts: 106
Hi I am new to this forum, I will be starting my foundation course in september, as it has been a while since I studied I appreciate any tips or advice. I had my interview with my tutor as I wanted to start on the intermediate but she said that all who start at that level fail and also I was not up to the same standard as the other class members and i would hold them up. She did not build up my confidence. I am determined to pass with good marks. :001_smile:


  • shuurowshuurow New Member Registered Posts: 6
    hi beauty
    I was in your situation before i started this course. I wanted to start the intermediate level, but they adviced me to start with the foundation level as i did not have any accounting knowledge what so ever. I took their advice and know i realy love them because if you don;t have accounting background, surely you will fail. currently i am studying at westminster college london, its also free even if you are working what ever age you are, they also have free intermedaite, if you are working you will be able to get train to gain. i realy love this
  • welshwizardwelshwizard Trusted Regular South WalesRegistered Posts: 465

    Here's a few tips:

    Get to grips with double entry as soon as you can - this is the foundation for all your accounting throughout the 3 levels. I alwaysmake sure I complete one pair (or group) of balancing entries before moving onto the next ones.

    Don't get hung up on getting 'good marks' with the AAT you are either Competent (Pass or Successful) or Not Competent (Fail or Unsuccessful).

    If you don't understand something, ask - a tutor, fellow student or here (or the general chat forum) someone will be able to help you , word things differently and generally point you in the right direction. I can't emphasis enough how useful it will be to you to work with fellow students on problmes - the likelihood is they will have problems that you can sort out - when you find you can exlpain something to someone else, you will really know that you have a good grasp of the subject.

    Use any college library (or Learning Resource Centre as they seem to be known now), check for books relating to the subject there because they are pricey if you buy them!

    Finally, always check out the little Learning Zone articles in the Accounting Technician magazine - often you will find something you have problmes with explained well there. Also these articles can sometimes provide a good idea of what will be coming up in exams!

    I think the best advice is to enjoy your studies - returning to education as a more mature student can be a bit daunting - but you have many thinks going for you - you want to (choose) be there, you want to succeed, you have experience of life in general and you will not be alone in feeling that you could be making a mistake - YOU ARE NOT! Go for it, enjoy and make the most of your studies!
  • ambitiousambitious Banned Banned User Posts: 93
    I agree with welshwizard. Get to grips with double entry. The basis of the whole course entirely. Plus it's good to start at foundation. That way you'll understand how bank recs work, using wages control accounts, and a few more things that you miss out if you start at intermediate. Not to forget you get a certificate for foundation, get modules like health and safety and working with computers out the way so you don't have to do them later. Well worth it for a year that is. I get more satisfaction from knowing what I learned than just having my foundation and intermediate certificates on display.
  • A-VicA-Vic Expertise Guaranteed Registered Posts: 6,970
    Hey bobo

    Welcome and hi :001_smile:

    as welsh staited before i whole heartly agree.

    Just completed certificate and about to start advanced, were a freindly bunch on here not found anyone that bites yet (i say yet) :laugh:

    But if i can help or any others post or pm.

    welcome to the nut house and enjoy :thumbup1:
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