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Unit 1

LillyLilly New MemberRegistered Posts: 13
Hi everyone!!

I am just coming to the end of Unit 1 Foundation via distnace learning and I am a bit confused about what I am meant to do next.

Are the skills tests and simulations two seperate things or are they the same?

I am doing the NVQ but where I work does not cover any of the subjects in Unit 1 so I will be unable to produce any work based examples.

Do I just have to do the mock skills test which I have already and then get my supervisor at work do request the proper skills test? But where does the simulation come in?!?!

As you can tell I`m really confused!!

Help is very much appreciated




  • taskeytaskey Font Of All Knowledge Registered Posts: 1,800

    you should do the skills test as best you can and then send them to your learning provider. they then mark them and say whether you are ready to sit the simulations or not.

    once you feel you are ready to do the simulation you get your supervisor to request it from your learning provider.

    who are you studying with? i am with BPP distance learning and this is what i hve had to do for all of mine.

    Hope that helps

  • LillyLilly New Member Registered Posts: 13
    Hey Tracy

    Thanks for replying. I am also with BPP but when all my course materials got sent through half of the stuff was missing and I had extra stuff that I didn`t need so the whole thing has confused me a little!!

    What I have is a big a4 booklet titled Home Study Mock Simulation for Unit One which is presumably what I do first which hopefully I am aiming to do next week. My manager at work who is also my registered supervisor has also requested by email the proper exam as they take 10 days to come through. I take it then that I am not able to attempt this until BPP have sent my mock exam back with hopefully some good results!!

    Also I intend to do my central exam after Unit 3 in December, when I went to book it through AAT it only gave me BPP venues to take the exam at. I thought I was able to go to my local College to do this?

    Thanks again for your help


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