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Unit 31


Anyone know where i can find more sample simulations on Unit 31??? Also how is Part 2 to the unit??? I've only got limited access to Accounting Software and may struggle as its v.v.v.v difficult to get any work experience.:001_smile:


  • mitzymitzy Just Joined Registered Posts: 4

    Wonder if you are doing distance learning with FTC Kaplan
    Im doing Unit 31 and im stuck on my simulation for elements 1 & 2

    Hope you can help:
  • liverpooltraineeliverpooltrainee New Member Registered Posts: 7
    Unit 31

    I am also doing unit 31 and I'm currently doing the accounting work skills. I'm doing it with Kaplan distance learning and I'm struggling with element 31.3 - task 3 - I need to discuss with another learner different aspects of the task. Can anyone help?
  • Kenneth WaringKenneth Waring New Member Registered Posts: 8
    Not done Part 3 as yet, doing the course through the BPP... Not finding it easy to deal with them... I have Parts 1 & 2 simulations coming up and got little to no practice on any software, It's going to be a learn on the test job. :thumbup:
    Fingers crossed.
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