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Just started AAT at 40 yrs old

IkklewabbitIkklewabbit Settling In NicelyRegistered Posts: 16
Hi guys

My name is Claire or Ikklewabbit on here :001_tt2:

I'm 40 yrs old, a mum to James who is 20 months old today and work full-time. I have always wanted to do the AAT and finally plunked up courage to enrol and started on the 8th Sept. I enjoy going to college but have just sat down with my home work and I'm stuck!!

I'm doing Unit 23 - Affective Personal Effectiveness and I am so confused. Here is one of the questions - 'Using a search engine identify and list internet web site addresses which will help you with your AAT studies.' Now is this a trick question? I entered 'help with AAT studies' and it brought up tonnes of AAT courses. The only site I could find with help is this one (which I will be one quite abit I think :thumbup: ) and the main AAT site. Are there any other sites?

Then it's asking me to sort out a departmental argument about who can go on holiday and who can't. I have no idea how to sort that sort of thing out as I've no experience of being s Supervisor/Manager.


I'm proud of myself enrolling on this course at my age but it's abit tuff for me at the moment. I know it will get easier but if anyone has got any ideas and abit of advice would be very much appreciated.


  • BaggybooksBaggybooks Experienced Mentor Registered Posts: 522
    Well done! You really will not regret your decision.


    If I were in your 'scenario', the employee contracts of employment may be the place to start. What would they contain about holiday entitlement?

    Best advice I can offer is to ask about anything you are unsure of.
  • EsmeEsme Experienced Mentor Registered Posts: 711

    I did this Unit last year, but didn't have these questions so they must change them slightly.

    The advise I can offer is that when I did mine there didn't really seem to be a right or wrong answer, as long as you use common sense and present your work well you will get through it fine.

    Some of the questions I had for these units I put one line answers and I still passed!

    Good Luck!
  • speegsspeegs Experienced Mentor Registered Posts: 854
    Hi Ikklewabbit

    It is not a trick question. It is just a really easy one.

    What you will find with the AAT is that as a mature student you may find certain areas much easier than others. I think the AAT ask easier questions like this one just to see if people can actually use the information technology available to them. There may well be some much younger students who are fresh out of school who really would not know where to start.

    I have just qualified as an AAT and often had to ask myself if the question I was being asked was really that simple and it was.

    I would recommend you list this site, the site mentioned Baggybooks and may be a few others that come up in your search. If it were me, I would do the really annoying swotty thing and give them a whole page of website addresses.

    If you get stuck on anything else give us a shout on the forums and we will be happy to help you if we can.

    Good luck with your studies and well done for taking the plunk :thumbup:

    Speegs :thumbup1:
  • speegsspeegs Experienced Mentor Registered Posts: 854
    Also with regard to the employee problems there is a great website that I referred to in my unit 10 project:


    It has loads of useful facts and covers employment law.

  • IkklewabbitIkklewabbit Settling In Nicely Registered Posts: 16
    Thank you for your answers and I do feel more settled now and not so panicy.

    Have a lovely weekend everyone.

  • PAMDILLPAMDILL Experienced Mentor Registered Posts: 716
    Re: the holiday question, one of the ways it used to get settled when I worked in Royal Mail was in order of seniority.

    IF 2 people wanted to go off at the same time in a department of 3 or if the only 2 peoplewho were trained in something like wages etc. then the person who has been working there the longest got priority.

    Another way of working holidays was whoever got their application in first, although that would sometimes start arguements.
  • PAMDILLPAMDILL Experienced Mentor Registered Posts: 716
    Ps I just started back on my aat studies at 40, now 41.

    Just sat 2 simulations today, the one I thought I would have no problems with Unit 5 was the biggest mess as I forgot to take tippex. Don't know why as I have worked in accounts for nearly 16 years now - manual ledgers for 8 of them.

    Unit 6 was not as bad as I expected.
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