Where to Start Technician & find help for it

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I sit my final 2 intermediate exams in December. I was looking at starting Technician just now as I am fairly confident about the 2 exams and am currently just revising.

However as I live up here in the cold and frozen north there is not college options or night classes so I have been studying by distance learning with Kaplan.

I can't find out anything about Technician level, I have been looking at posts about Unit 10 - what books would I be better getting for that unit, where can this case study be found that folk talk about. As I am the only office person in a small construction company I will porbably have to use that.

Also I have found on the AAt website that Unit 8,9 and DFS are exam and Unit 15 is skills test only (I think) as I am in industry and have no interest in moving to practice my only other option for the third unit (think I am right that for Technician it has to be 3 option units?) is Audit, how is that assessed?

Help!! before I decide to just stick to ICB and do the small business financial control diploma.



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    Teh 4 technician options are:
    exams: business tax & personal tax
    simulation/ skill test: cash management & audit.

    AFAIK you only have to do 2.

    The compulsory ones are the financial and costings modules, and the MAS project (unit 10)
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