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Accountancy Regulatory Bodies

katie2008katie2008 Trusted RegularRegistered Posts: 294
Hello, my name is katie, i am studying the level 2 aat nvq in shrewsbury through an apprenticeship.

I am having trouble on one of the questions on the apprenticeships right & responsibilities workbook.

It is:

Q 23 - Give the names of two accountancy regulatory bodies and how they protect the intrests of the public.

Im stuck? I have tried google and im just getting more and more confused.

Could someone direct me in the way of finding these names please?

Thank you, and good luck to everyone studying!


  • vishavisha Well-Known Registered Posts: 218
    Company House
    Company Law
    Inland Revenue
    Stock Exchange
  • katie2008katie2008 Trusted Regular Registered Posts: 294
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