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who has taken their Unit 31 Task 1 recently(the ratio part)?

harrybharryb Feels At HomeRegistered Posts: 62
Hey has anyone done their unit 31 part 1 recently?

I have got mine next week and would be very grateful if anyone could let me know whether they exam was like the practice simulations we got? how did u find the exam?

Feedback would be appreciated



  • katsutlieffkatsutlieff Trusted Regular Registered Posts: 459
    I read somewhere on the BPP website that you need to score 100% on part one and part two to pass, is this correct? There seems a lot of confusion around the simulations. Sorry HarryB to butt in on your thread :thumbup:
  • harrybharryb Feels At Home Registered Posts: 62
    lol no problen .... it will never be 100 per cent in order to pass .... i heard from kaplan it was 80% but you just got to show competence in the diff areas ....
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