What are the benefits of full membership?

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I'm planning to embark on the AAT qualification but I'm not sure whether to start at the Foundation stage or try and go straight into the Intermediate level? The AAT website states that to become a full member you have to complete all three but what exactly are the benefits of full membership and is it really worth my time starting from the beginning if perhaps I don't have to?

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    I started Foundation in September having wondered about going in at intermediate level myself. Obviously if money and time are of no object then starting at the beginning is best, in the real world they are both normally in short supply however three things made me decide on Foundation.
    First I tried the skillcheck and got less than 70%, Secondly tried a simulation in exam conditions and realised there was lots of simple stuff that I did not know how to do and thirdly the intermediate tutor said that all the foundation work would be a) assumed and b) necessary for progression.
    Several weeks in I think I made the right decision, the content is not rocket science but some of it is counter intutive and some requires plently of practice. Unless you have manual double entry booking experience foundation is best
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    Same experience here! before i started, people have been trying to tell me how easy foundation level is. i was so grateful that my employer supported me financially, so chose foundation to start. and i am glad i did that. It might be simple for some, but definitely not me.
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