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I am a bit unsure of something with the unit 23 project. I am getting work based evidence and with the witness staements I am unsure what I am supposed to do. Does the witness have to write out an explanation or do I just write something and they sign to confirm I ahve done it. Or do they just have to sign the witness statement to confirm the criteria is fulfilled and no explanation is needed. Your help would be greatly appreciated.


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    I completed a NVQ for Business & Admin and had to submit witness statements, I assume all NVQs have the same requirements ? I asked my witness to verify what I had done on a particular task, to make it easier for them and to save them the trouble of having to type anything down, I did this for them ready for them to sign.

    What the assessor is looking for is a detail description of what you did, how your achieved and to what extend your witness could testify that you actually did it.

    Hope this helps !
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