Finding Work Once You Have Completed Your AAT!!!

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Hi everyone, I wa just wondering how easy people find it to find a job in accountancy once you have completed your course. as we all know at the minute the economic climate is having a strong effect on job vacancies and general employment.

But with this aside, do there generally tend to be jobs avaliable often. Just something I was thinking about the other day, and wondered how anyone else found it, when they come to look for a job.



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    Just a thought, but possibly you would be better off posting in members or another part of forum as your question is really based with the main point of after you have completed your studies.

    That aside its an interesting question that ive wondered about as well so will be looking out for any answers.

    Im imaging as long as there are businesses going/startingup/etc they need accounts...but yeah the point of a business being a "going concern" and be up and running is totally valid and appropriate question in the economy at the moment.
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    jobs available? It really depends where you live nad iff you have any relevant experience.

    I qualified in June this year and, after 70+ job applications (direct to employers and through agencies) I gave up and am now back in college studying for my PGCE to teach business and accounting.

    As far as posting this in a members section, before you cvan be a member, you have to have sufficient, relevant work experience behind you, you do not automatically become a member once you achieve NVQ level 4 (Technician). Therefore, it's just as appropriate to post here as any other board.

    If I were to give one piece of advice, it would be to get as much hands on experience as possible as soon as possible - even if you have to volunteer with a charity - the experience seesm to count for far more than the AAT qualifications at the moment.

    Good luck with your studies and finding work in the accounting field.
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