Foundation to Advanced Certificate (NVQ to Diploma) ?

mug2kmug2k New MemberRegistered Posts: 9

I'm currently at college and will have finished the following units by Xmas.

* Unit 1 Recording Income and Receipts
* Unit 2 Making and Recording Payments
* Unit 3 Preparing Ledger Balances and an Initial Trial Balance
* Unit 4 Supplying Information for Management Control
* Unit 21 Working with Computers
* Unit 22 Healthy, Safe and Productive Working Environment
* Unit 23 Achieving Personal Effectiveness

Once completed would I be eligible to start the Advanced Certificate of the diploma pathway. I would prefer to be able to study at home and have a full-time job.

Right now I'm at college 4 days a week and studying a total of about 20hrs. The way I'm thinking is if I gotta get up early everyday and spend 20hrs away from home I may aswell be working and earning some money.

Is it a viable option for me ?



  • LilyflowerLilyflower Feels At Home Registered Posts: 54
    Why switch to the certificate, why not just switch to evening class rather than day?

    Lily xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • mug2kmug2k New Member Registered Posts: 9
    Its an option but the college route costs about 2x as much. Also I'd prefer to study at home in my own time.
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