Help on PTC & DFS???

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Morning Everyone!!

Hope your revision is going well?? For anyone doing the above exams do you have any questions or revision material that you could forward to me most preferably in excel? I am rapidly running out of questions to do and would appreciate any help given. Could you please e-mail to



Good Luck!!!!!!:001_smile:


  • nathchris
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    help me too!

    Hi all,

    if anyone replied to this thread could you please also send me the revision material, i have plenty past papers but never went back to college thinking i could pick enough up from the past papers, but any revision material would be very much appreciated, if anyone has a list of the formulas for dfs it would be great, but anything will be helpful
  • Moseley_21
    Moseley_21 Registered Posts: 59 Regular contributor ⭐
    No such luck im afraid, i never recieved a single reply!! :-(

    Somebody fetch a violin please!!

    Good luck everyone!!
  • mark130273
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    noone has a reply on those codes.....

    guess it time to hit those books ?
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