Certificate & Intermediate Diploma books

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Hi, I have loads of books for sale - they are also listed on ebay finishing this weekend (8th Feb). All p&p £2.75 unless otherwise stated, or collection in person ok.

Unit 30 - Introductory Accounting Course Companion £9.99
Unit 30 - Introductory Accounting Revision companion (does have writing on some exercises) £4.99

Unit 31 - Accounting Work Skills Course Companion £9.99
Unit 31 - Accounting Work Skills Revision companion (some writing on exercises) £3.99

AAT Bookkeeping Certificate BPP Workbook - goes with CD course £9.99

Kaplan - Professional Ethics pocket notes Unit 32 £4.99 (£1.50 p&p)

Kaplan - Unit 5 Maintaining Financial Records FRS £11.99

Kaplan - Unit 6 Evaluating Costs & Revenues ECR £11.99

Please get in touch if interested, or check ebay. Thanks


  • trahman
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    RE:Old Books


    If you still have not sold your books, I'd like to buy them off you.

    Newbury, Berskshire
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