Unit 21 & 22

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Hi I'm a little confused by what I've been told about these units

I started at intermediate NVQ stage so I didnt do foundation

I thought 21 & 22 were both assessed by a simulation but I have been told by Kaplan this is only the case if your doing them at foundation level.

If these units are being done at intermediate level then I have to complete a project for both of them instead.

Is this really the case? If so why?, makes no sense that I cant just do simulations like those at foundation level.


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    Hiya Smokin,
    I'm doing Foundation NVQ at a college and have already completed unit 22 (H&S), the project booklet is designed for you to assess H & S in your workplace and you have four weeks to gather your evidence and write it up. The simulation only comes in for those students not in work who are given a booklet with a simulated workplace but still have to complete the project. I believe unit 21 and 23 follow a similar approach.
    Hope this helps
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